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Your basement may be showing signs of water intrusion if it feels humid, produces a musky/moldy smell, or visible moisture spots. These signs are more common in spring and fall as rain water and snow runoff create water pools underneath and surrounding your home. Under the right conditions, the water pools build up pressure and permeate concrete, sometimes causing cracks or visible moisture spots.

The good news is that these leaks can be prevented with a Basement Waterproofing System. The membrane is usually installed on the exterior of the foundation but can also be applied on the inside of the basement. There are also additional measures that can be taken to foolproof the basement by creating underground channels for water runoff. At CR Basement Waterproofing we take care of all of the above and our highly skilled team can waterproof your basement and solve those leaks once and for all. By using proven technologies and latest equipment, all of our projects are done on time, with highest quality, and the best part at very affordable rates!

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